Bored over half term?

Help is at hand.

At school, we subscribe to some really excellent websites to help your learning both in school and at home. So if you have a spare 20 mins at home, why not log on and use our educational programmes?

Want to help your reading? Then try Reading Eggs – just remember you are older than 7 so need Eggs Express. Go to the comprehension gym take the initial test and it will put you at the right level for you. You will learn loads of new words to amaze your teacher, friends and family. Just remember that this website doesn’t like Internet Explorer! So try Google Chrome or Firefox.


Mymaths can really help your maths, from level 1 all the way to level 6! You know what level you are on so pick the right booster pack and you can really make your targets. As well as online lessons, there are mini homework test and games to help you learn. Again you have been given that password.

The last website is I am learning for this website you only need to know your name and when you are born to login.

Student Log in.
School ID: HOCV6
User Name: First name + Surname (all one word) e.g. BrookeHowarth
Password: Their D.O.B (format ddmmyyyy) e.g. 04072011

You all know how much I really enjoy my ICT but I like a good book or a museum. Remember you can visit the library and borrow books for free, and The Herbert and Motor Museum have activities on over the holiday for free or only small charge.

Have a good break.

Mr Connolly

Blood will have blood…

Year 6 went to see a play at warwick art centre to watch a play called Macbeth .This play was enjoyed by everyone.It was about a man who wanted to take over the throne he did but in the end had a fatal death .There was a lot of sound affects ,blood and smoke . Before we finished we got to ask questions to the actors about the play and about all the effects .By Aleesha Majid and Alhena Hussain





Sports webquest.

Using your safe internet researching skills I want you to investigate the following sporting events.

1. Six Nations
2. Winter Olympics
3. Common Wealth Games.

I want you to find interesting facts about each one. You may work in pairs, I will be looking for interesting facts and well written sentences.

You could look at; when they started, where the events happened something about the history. What countries are involved.

Remember you are writing for Mr Connolly when you post your reply. Be careful not to just copy and paste as I may ask you questions to check what you understand!