Shell Science Day @ Warwick University


Today, some pupils went to Warwick University to take part in Lots of sciences workshops.

Earth & Space. We looked at how eclipse and tides occurred. Then we had a quiz. Mr Connolly beat Miss Farid!

At the wax workshop we closely observed candles and saw how the solid turned to liquid and then to a gas to burn.

In the Vitamin C workshop we investigated the content of vitamin C in a citrus fruit. We had to wear safety googles to keep ourselves safe.

After that we had a much need break and enjoyed our packed lunches.

Marble run followed lunch and Miss Farid and Mr Connolly formed a winning team to make the marble drop the slowest but were cheated!

The final activity of the day was bandrollers, were we made elastic band powered wheels but change small things to test what happens.

It was a very enjoyable day and all the pupils did the school proud with their behaviour and science knowledge.


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  1. I did this Last year and had so much fun i have still got my wax candle i didnt get to make the bandrollers though it was so cool. 😀 must remember not to talk Cov! 😀 B)

  2. Well done you have won second place in the blogpost of the week.

    We really enjoyed finding out what you have been doing this week

    hopefully if you keep blog posting tech team will vote for you and then you can win next week.

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