Guided Reading


This week in Guided Reading we are finding out more about mental health as part of Health Week. This story is about recognising and managing feelings.

I’ve Got to Move Home

Listen to the story and click on the solution that you think is best. Try out all the different options for how the story ends and then answer these questions:

*Which action so you think worked best? Why?

*Why do you think Abdul’s mother felt the way she did? Why did Abdul not feel the same?

*Why do you think Abdul’s mum wanted to take him everywhere?

*What do you think Abdul found hardest about moving to England?


2 responses »

  1. 1) I think telling the teacher was the best option because the teacher could set up a person for Abdul’s mum to try and teach her English or follow her around and translate what Abdul’s Mum says.

    2)I think she felt this way because she was frustrated because no one could understand her so thats why she took Abdul everywhere with her. I think Abdul was Upset or maybe quite mad or angry because he had just made new friends and now he couldn’t go and play with them.

    3)I think she wanted to take him everywhere because someone might ask her something or she might need Abdul to translate if she wanted some help or wanted to ask a question.

    4)I think he found Moving schools hardest because no one wanted to be his friend and he didn’t understand anything they said and when he learned the language it didn’t make any difference.

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