Upthrust Experiments

This afternoon we have used our measuring and observing skills to find out about the effect of upthrust on objects. We chose different objects from around the classroom and used a Newton metre to measure the weight of them both in the air and in the water.








Shell Science Day @ Warwick University

Today, some pupils went to Warwick University to take part in Lots of sciences workshops.

Earth & Space. We looked at how eclipse and tides occurred. Then we had a quiz. Mr Connolly beat Miss Farid!

At the wax workshop we closely observed candles and saw how the solid turned to liquid and then to a gas to burn.

In the Vitamin C workshop we investigated the content of vitamin C in a citrus fruit. We had to wear safety googles to keep ourselves safe.

After that we had a much need break and enjoyed our packed lunches.

Marble run followed lunch and Miss Farid and Mr Connolly formed a winning team to make the marble drop the slowest but were cheated!

The final activity of the day was bandrollers, were we made elastic band powered wheels but change small things to test what happens.

It was a very enjoyable day and all the pupils did the school proud with their behaviour and science knowledge.

Hula Hoop Happiness.

This afternoon, Year 6 had a hula hoop workshop in the hall with John aka The Hoop Guy. He bought with him lots of larger hoops that made Hula Hooping easier, so easy in fact by the afternoon even Mr Connolly could Hula Hoop!

After Word Up Warm Up, to get us ready for exercise, John taught everyone how to Hula Hoop the correct way, even Mrs Bennett and Mrs McCarthy joined in! Once we learnt the basic stance, Year 6’s were taught lots of tricks you could do for Hula Hoop Dancing by John. We all had lots of fun and left the hall smiling, and red in the face from the exercise we had.


Volleyball at the AT7 Centre.

This term, Year 6 have been learning to play volleyball. It looked lots of fun and pupils were using lots of the 5 Keys in their lesson. Working together to learn to serve and play as a team. Perseverance – it wasn’t easy to serve and they had to practise how to serve over and over again.
I really enjoyed taking part even if I was hit in the face!

Mr Connolly