The Unfortunate Farmer


… and then the noise stopped… the storm had slaughtered the windmills that the farmer grew for many months. All his effort went down the drain. The destruction of the storm had caused a lucky farmer like Bob to be unfortunate, and heartbroken. Suddenly a great big blizard had atttacked Bob’s farm. Slopppily Bob came out of his cabin then he drew his attention to the fields where he spent most his life. Bob looked up and a great big smile appeared on his face he was speechless, he ran around the fields crazily. He had enough electricity to support his house for many  many years.

By Naseem


2 responses »

  1. You have shown the emotions of the windmill farmer very effectively, because you have used powerful vocabulary like slaughtered, destruction and speechless. Well done!

  2. You have used super vocabulary Naseem and made this piece really emotive and interesting. This is an usual story and I would love to know what happens next. Keep writing.

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