The noise stopped By Idrees


…and then the noise stopped
Suddenly, the storm had traveled away from the Windmill Farmer. The place looked terrible after the storm had gone, all the effort that he put in went down the drain. He didn’t want to have a look but he did and all that was left was the base of them. The Farmer was devastated because he put his own time into it. While he was walking into
the house he noticed that it started to snow. He stayed in the house for the rest of the time it was snowing. Once the snow had gone he came out and saw a tiny Windmill and hoped that there were more… and there were hundreds.




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  1. A great entry this week Idrees, you have conveyed how the farmer felt after his windmills were destroyed with powerful vocabulary. Your last sentence gives a real sense of hope. Well done.

  2. What an emotional story, well done! Maybe next time you could try adding a couple of similes/metaphors to make your story even more interesting? I really like you ending and you did very well at putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.

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