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What have you been reading?



Holidays are a good time for catching up with friends and family but there is always time to read a good book.

What book have you read this Christmas? Would you recommend it to your friends? Why?

Share you recommendations on the blog so others can have a good read.

What do you think of our exhibition?




Leave your comments below!

Some comments from our parent visitors:

Aqsa’s mum said “it was excellent”

Mrs Kazmi said”You put alot of effort into our work”

Mrs Hussain said “it was amazing”

Mr Dautaj said “You are well prepared and we have lots of information.”

Mrs khan said ” The kids done amazing work

Idrees’s mum said” all the work was fantastic i asked seif,idrees,hardeep and cameron lots of questions about ww2 and they awnsered it

Esha’s mum said”kids do really hard work”

Anisas mum said” the kids were brilliant”

Hamzah’s mum said” brilliant work”

A busy week in year6!!!


It has been a busy week for year 6 because of our tests!
Also we have had the 10p trail and year 6 won we had a lot of fun collecting our pennies we collected a whopping 450 pennies! We had a lot of fun in our golden time playing volleyball with paper and dancing to songs especially rewind youtube style!!!! Here are some photos














Where did he go?!!!!! BY Suleiman


Many, many years ago there was a kid called Jack and a girl called Lucy they were both brother and sister.

Lucy said ” Lets play hide and seek while  mum and dad is gone” and Jack agreed.  Jack was hiding first, so he went to the attic but he spotted a mysterious portal mirror which looked magical. He decided to hide behind it but when he went behind it he found a magical portal so he decided to go through it and he got lost in another dimension. He described the dimension like plain ice cream, as he walked forward he saw himself when he was a baby and he was never found again.

The Disintegrated Dimensional mirror


                                      Chapter 2

The great artist Safyaan had been sent to the most glorious art room in the WORLD!  No artist could ever dream of it, it was full of paint, and every paint brush there was standing right in front of Safyaan. His dream had become fullfilled at last, he began to paint like no other artist, but then it turned into a enourmous dimensional portal. He frantically jumped into the dimensional portal, but then he realized that he was in the same place he looked out the window it was like no other place everything was exactly the same as Safyaan painted. Suddenly….

By Naseem N

Jack’s Portal


Chapter 3

Jack and his younger sister Jo ,who arrived at their new house, found something suspicious in the attic. As they went up to the attic  they saw a crystel mirror , which had paint around it. Jo , who had good eye sight , found a piece of paper, which said “draw anything and it will will come to life”. So they both drew a picture of Buckingham palace. Suddenly, with a blink of an eye they were at Buckingham palace. They  were walking around but then everyone started to chase them. Jack and Jo wanted to go back. Finally they saw a portal ,which now took them home . As they arrived, they were exhausted.