!!!!!!!!!!!!The suspicious murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


” Who’s he?” Asked Lorah.

“I’ll tell you afterwards .LETS RUN!” James ran off looking terrified.

Lorah followed.

They approached their house And ran to their lab to try  to discover who it was.

James said “My  dad was upto something , let’s go to his house”

When they got there they knocked, but he never opened up so they burst in.Everything was trashed. They ran straight to the lab.

” NO,NO,NO,NO,NO”  Dad , you!re injured cried James.

Dad whispered his dying words… ” Watch out”

Lorah  shouted ” He’s back”

James peeked out the window and he saw the disgusting  monster.

He was wearing a black coat from top to toe. A pair of black shoes………………………..,,.

By Hassan .hanif 6c


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  1. Ooh that’s a real cliff hanger of a chapter Hassan! You have added excitement to the story and your writing has great pace that really makes the reader want to find out more! Well done.

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