The Typhoon Haiyan


Dearest Friend,

I know it has been really hard for you since you have been affected by the Typhoon Haiyan. I do realize the severe punishment that you are facing, I share your devistation in my heart.You have to show courage. Do not consider yourself with nothing because you have a lot of people with you although many have had diseases and died. I have hope in you. I will donate as much as I can and others too. You have to believe in yourself  and wish that you stay fearless and face the challenges. Do not let your fear get in your way.


               From Naseem.N


3 responses »

  1. An encouraging and positive message Naseem. You showed a lot of empathy.

    Make sure you try to use different sentence starters to make your writing more varied and lively.

    Mr G

  2. A great letter Naseem – you have used powerful and emotive language to show the children of the Philippines that we are thinking of them. – phrases like I know, I share, I realize make your letter sound very genuine and heartfelt. Well done.

  3. Well done Naseem, this was a very heart-felt letter of hope and support for our friends in the Philippines. I know that this will brighten someones day and help them to begin the healing process. Thank-you.

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