Dear Freind ,

I know what you have been through , however we are determined to help you. So far we have sent a letter and please read it. This letter is to give you hope and courage . Don’t give up because you still have alot of time to rebuild your life. Whiles I was writing this letter, I sighted an auspicious rainbow  that gave me hope . Stay strong and fearless and keep with your family but some of you have suffercated alot from this awful Typhoon and been seperated from yuor parents. This Typhoon has destroyed your country. There water around you but you can’t drink it. Do not drink the water else you will get infected. Just wish everything  will  get better and soon it will.


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  1. I like this, especially the style of writing – stay strong, don’t give up – good use of the imperative voice. Well done Hamzah!

  2. Well done Hamzah you have used emotive and powerful language to give hope to the children in the Phillipines

    Remember to allow yourself time at the end of the session to check for punctuation and spelling.

    I think you meant suffered not suffocated….

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