Hope by Bulale


Dear friend,

I know what you have been through,with no food,no clothes,no warmth and also,water all around you and none to drink.

Don’t give up everyone is thinking about you and raising money for you.You are young,so do what you can while your young there is a rainbow over your head a sighn of hope.

All our work would be for nothing if you havce no hope,hope will keep you going and keep you strong.Your friends,family and people of your country try your best to keep everyone safe.

Be brave,fearless,strong and also spread the word help is coming.Have hope.


3 responses »

  1. Bulale – another great challenge from you this week. Your letter sounds convincing and heartfelt because you have used powerful and emotive language.

    You are right – the rainbow that came out while we were writing our blogs really seemed to be an auspicious sign!

  2. Well done Bulale, you used your 100WC to send a very positive message. The image of the rainbow is an effective one, it’s a symbol of hope so it fitted very well with your theme. Keep writing!

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