As Ash entered the fog trying to find his little brother Darren.He couldn’t believe that Darren entered the fog without covering his ears.The siren in the swamp was luring him from the within the was strong enough to create a fog, which was the thickest
fog in history.Before Ash entered he put on earplugs to block
the sirens voice.The super power pocket fan he bought on his
birthday.Ash turned it on it was so powerful it blew a narrow path for Ash.Also he could see Darren Ash shouted “DARREN”.Unfortuntely,he
couldn’t hear Ash.The glaze angrily and rised her hand.Suddenly,it
shot the ground the ground started to shake then the ground split and
fire apeared.

by Safyaan H


6 responses »

  1. You have used some powerful vocabulary such as luring and siren. You have also created some powerful images. The siren that lures people in and the rocket fan that clears a narrow path. Fab! Well done. Mrs Lama

  2. Hello Safyaan, I really enjoyed reading this challenge! I loved many of your descriptive ideas but my favourite is the use of the super power pocket fan to blow a narrow path forwards – brilliant! Well done and keep writing!

  3. Hey safyaan i really like your 100 word c.

    I liked how you used “the thickes fog in history i really like that

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