Help the children of Somalia!


Over 2 years people in Somalia have been affected by a drought. Over 50% of Somalia are sick because of this issue . This problem has started since 2010 and as we speak people are dying of starvation so help us and donate so we can help the people of Somalia . If you were in that state and so were your children you would want people to donate?

Somalia is a country with a tropical climate, and are suffering from diseases and then are dying from illnesses that are  spreading.  Somalia  is a country very near to the sea , however it still suffers from starvation because of all the dirt and soil that has invaded the sea.

Therefore we want you to donate £2 and that can help the people in Somalia. All of this is for a good cause. The charity all the money will go to is water aid to clear all the soil and dirt out the water . Just imagine you having to leave all your belongings to look for food to end your starvation? Help us end starvation forever donate £2 at


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  1. Wow well done Jasleen good retohrical quiestions I loved the way wrote in the right tense even I can.

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