Every little helps!


Citizens of Somalia have been starved and many more are not nourished . This is because of the dreaded and terrible drought . An intelligent person of yourself should know that the climate extends to 2 degrees north to 12 degrees south . Also I know that a caring and warm-hearted person like you would want to donate some money to these poor children . In Somalia more than three quarters of the poor live in rural areas, consequently this will lead to then dying and ending their tragic lives. If you were one of these people wouldn’t you feel miserable and want someone to help you by donating some money?

The real truth is that 62% of south Somalia is a area were a catastrophic famine is taking place and need at least some water for the crops to grow. 53% of Somalia live in poverty and all of Africa’s soils are of low interest and fertility.

In conclusion I think that you should donate at least £3 a month. £3 will help pay for wonderful education, Mountain fresh water, Nourishing food and as fresh as a daisy clothes. It goes without saying, these people are suffering and only you can change that!







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