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We have been rehearsing for our Leavers Assembly. We have great things planned for it. We will surprise you, make you laugh, make you think and make you cry!

West Midlands Safari Park


Look at the West Midlands Safari Park website to try and help you solve your logic problem. You might not find the exact answers, but think about the question logically and use your estimation skills to help you.

Our postcode- CV6 6FR

Pitfall trap


We enjoyed making the pitfall traps because of the fresh air, we had never made a trap before and there were a lot of insects to discover. Raumaan and Daryub brought back some insects which they found. When we got back to class the Millipede and another creepy crawlie were
aggressive towards each other and fought because they didn’t like being nearly each other.








Look at these websites to help you with your Literacy work about Alzheimer’s.

Big School


This morning the children in Year 6 watched a performance of Big School about how to get ready for secondary school. We really enjoyed the performance, it was interactive and helped answer some of the questions we have about moving to Year 7.

This week we will be doing more activities to help us discuss our feelings about leaving primary school.


Art Webquest


Landscape Art

Look at the three links below. These are famous artists that have created art works around landscapes and nature:


This artist creates images of landscapes using different materials and techniques:


Using these links what other artists can you find that have looked at landscape?


Test out some of the techniques you have found.