Theme Park Webquest


Theme Park Web Quest

WALT: We are learning to research.

Context: Theme Park.

WILF: Retrieve information, browse safely, efficient navigation, team work and answers in full sentences.

1. a. What themed areas can you find in all the parks?

b. What are in these areas to make it this theme?

c. Why do you think they have chosen these themes?

d. Who are they targeting?

2. a. What else are the theme parks offering?

b. Why do they have them?

3. What is there for people who don’t enjoy rides?

4. a. What are the ticket prices for each theme park?

b. Are there any offers that they advertise?

5. a. What types of rides do they have?

b. What’s your favourite and why?

6. Find the postcodes of Drayton Manor and Thorpe Park. Use AA route finder to find the distance between the two theme parks.

7. a. Which one would take the least time for us to get to? Use AA route finder again.

b. Which one could you not visit easily?

8. Think about the location of these theme parks on their directions map. Why do you think they’ve chosen this location?


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