Murder mystery

On Tuesday 16 April 2013 year 6 had to solve a mystery the the teachers had set up for us like mr Gonthier was (mr green) and no one thought it was him because we checked everything and he clean and innocent . But every one actually thought it was either miss Akhtar (mrs scarlet) mr Macnomara was (mr plum) Also miss Rathod ( peacock mustered )and last but not least Miss Edwards she was (mrs white) they were our 4 suspects. Every one thought it was mr plum because he looked very suspicious and angry, at the end every one had a vote who it was and a lot of people stood up for mrs peacock mustered and mrs scarlet but it was neither it was really mrs white she was it all along. It all made sense at the end because he wasn’t shot he was hit with a hammer and she would have all the equipment because he was the house maid.

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