Monthly Archives: October 2012

Brand new Michael Morpurgo novel out


Michael Morpurgo was on BBC Radio 4 this morning to talk about his new book, A Medal For Leroy,which is set during the First World War. I wonder whether it will be as good as War Horse…

Mr Gonthier



A special visitor comes to Year 6


To help us understand our Disasters topic better and get a first-hand testimony of what happens in countries affected by disasters, we invited Sabah, a lady who had to flee from her country Sierra Leone because of a civil war.

She talked to us about the dreadful events she and her family had to live through and answered all of our questions very honestly.


Meeting Gene Kemp


Today Year 6 went to Courthouse Green Primary School to meet Gene Kemp, the author of the Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler. They found out a lot about Gene’s passion for writing and even got their own copies of the book signed by Gene Kemp herself.