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Dinosaur Webquest


Dear Year 6 Paleontologists,

Your mission today is to find out information about your class dinosaur (6G: styracosaurus, 6HR: ankylosaurus, 6R: stegosaurus).

You will need to use the websites below to research key information about your dinosaur. This could include type, size, diet, appearance, predators, when it lived. Your work should also include a detailed, annotated sketch of your dinosaur.

For amateur dino-fans:




For budding paleontologists:

For expert paleontologists:

Year 6 explorers


This week all the children in Year 6 will be making the most of the outdoors. A group of 30 children will be travelling to Dol y Moch for 4 days of exciting adventures in the mountains of Wales. The other 30 children will be going on day trips in and around Coventry to explore the local area.

We are all very excited!

Plas Dol y Moch where we will be staying this week.