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Comenius survey


Did you know that the children of Stege Skole in Denmark go swimming in the cold Baltic Sea during the Summer term?

Did you know that the children of Psevdas School in Cyprus go to the beach after school?

Our Comenius partners would like to know what we enjoy doing outside (in the playground, in our gardens, in parks). Email your answers to Mr Gonthier and he will forward them to our 7 partners across Europe.

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We are researching William Shakespeare as part of our topic. We have found out that one of his earliest plays was called Titus Andronicus and it was possibly written between 1588 and 1593.


Shakespeare Webquest


A portrait of William Shakespeare

Dear Writers,

To help you find information to include in your book about Shakespeare, here are some websites to use for your research. You can also use search engines and other reference sites. However, always remember to check the reliability of the websites you use.  Can you find the same information on other websites to confirm that it is accurate?

Good luck!